Kira's Stuff, Sophie's Stuff

Saturday morning cross country


Sophia has been running with a small cross country group from her school this fall - Monday practice after school, Thursday meets, and beautiful Saturday morning runs in Hoyt Arboretum. She and mom have settled into a lovely post-run routine, three weeks running now: hot biscuits with jam and honey butter from the Portland farmers market! This morning, Coach Robert raved about how strong Sophia is looking and what a great run she had!

Nick's Stuff



Nope. I'm not teaching my Oregonian offspring that a little rain should keep them from playing outside. I admit, there was a moment's hesitation as we got Nicholas ready to go (doesn't he look a little tired this afternoon?), but I'm glad we're here!

Kira's Stuff, Sophie's Stuff

Kayak camping - August 12-14, 2011

Our 2nd annual Mother-Daughter camping trip with Megan and Emma. Last year we took some kayaks out for a day. This year we stepped it up by kayaking into a campsite (2.5 hours!) from Quilcene to Broad Spit County Park in the North Hood Canal. We saw lots of wildlife - crabs, oysters, sea stars, jellyfish, harbor seals, eagles, and more! The girls were awesome and fun was had by all! Check out the slideshow of our photos here!

In General

Baby Squirrels

Sunday, August 7, around 7pm, the kids come running out of the front yard with the neighbor kids, yelling, "Mom! Mom! Look what we found!" They are carrying 3 of the tiniest baby squirrels you have ever seen! A whirlwind of events ensued. Highlights and pictures below:- find info online about how to encourage mama squirrel to return for them (leave them where you found them) - also find phone # for a woman who does wildlife rehab in Tigard, OR. We call her, her adult daughter answers, explains that her mom is having health problems and doesn't do much rehab anymore, but maybe she can help us. She explains that the Audubon Society ... (will finish later) [gallery]